New Entry – Cuban Pizza (6/24/16)

Cuban PizzasWith a nod to Three Guys From Miami whose site helped us develop this idea (Gouda – nice!)

We were at a networking event discussing, what else, pizza and the idea of Hawaiian pizza (without pineapple) and Cuban pizza (without roasted pork) were kicked around.  After a little thought and pinch of Google, we came up with a two Cuban pizzas, one ‘white,’ one ‘traditional.’

White Cuban Pizza – Cilantro pesto base, sliced gouda cheese, sliced chorizo, Anaheim pepper slices, and sweet plantains and a touch of Italian cheeses (it’s Tampa Cuban, after all). “Bammed” with a bit of roasted garlic powder and ground cumin just out of the oven!
Traditional Cuban Pizza – Roasted tomato base, sliced gouda and chorizo, Anaheim pepper slices, sprinkle of Italian cheeses and sweet plantains.  A little oregano and cumin coming out of the oven.

Both were excellent, though the Cold Pizza Factor (CPF) on Saturday was a little low due the plantains (IMHO).  Both did re-heat very well stove top in a frying pan!




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