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Posts and Pix on Hot Sauces, Peppers and Such

Our first ‘guest’ is #HotMaple‘s Smoky Habanero sauce brought to us by the good folks at Fuego Box!

This a great tasting hot sauce that uses maple syrup to balance the heat of the habanero – a truly great combination.  Generally, I am not a habanero fan but the sweetness takes off just enough of the heat to provide a very nice level of heat.  Somewhere in the middle of the second (cumulative) tablespoon, the heat built to a noticeable level – but the chilled Turbo Dog was there in relief!

The ‘test kitchen’ application was on cold roasted pork and cold Creole Pizza – nothing like a little hot sauce on cold food for a summer treat.  The sauce paired very well with the pork, as well as the pizza – though warm pizza may have been a better play.


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