Friday June 3rd – pizzapix.001

Tonight we had “Peppers 3, Sausage 2” – orange and yellow bell peppers, with a few diced jalepenos, coupled with Andouille and Italian sausage from #Aidell’s, on a fire-roasted tomato base on a #Publix five-grain Italian dough.

p3s2 01

And, a #Boar’sHead Peppered Pepperoni Pizza on a #Publix five-grain Italian dough and the fire-roasted tomato base.

BH pepperedAronu

Of course, both were ‘bammed’ fresh out of the oven with #Penzey’s French Thyme and Mexican Oregano!

Posting time:  32.6 nate-oseconds.


Getting Fired Up for the Launch!

Pizza Socks

The Blog is “in the oven!”

Just think, this is how Julia Child started out!


Working on the structure of the blog and gathering up content (you wouldn’t believe the number of pizza and Sunday dinner pictures we have!).

We hope to go live in a week, or so.

’til then, eat well, my friends!!