Pizza Puttanesca (7/1/16)

To kick off the  Independence Day weekend, cornmeal olive oil dough pizzas (deep-dish and hand-rolled) with puttanesca sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese at Casa Lembo.

Pizza One, on the top, Deep dish with puttanesca sauce, spinach and fresh mozzarella.

Pizza Two, on the bottom, hand-rolled, puttanesca sauce, a touch of chorizo, gouda and fresh mozzarella.

July 1 PizzaPix


New Entry – Cuban Pizza (6/24/16)

Cuban PizzasWith a nod to Three Guys From Miami whose site helped us develop this idea (Gouda – nice!)

We were at a networking event discussing, what else, pizza and the idea of Hawaiian pizza (without pineapple) and Cuban pizza (without roasted pork) were kicked around.  After a little thought and pinch of Google, we came up with a two Cuban pizzas, one ‘white,’ one ‘traditional.’

White Cuban Pizza – Cilantro pesto base, sliced gouda cheese, sliced chorizo, Anaheim pepper slices, and sweet plantains and a touch of Italian cheeses (it’s Tampa Cuban, after all). “Bammed” with a bit of roasted garlic powder and ground cumin just out of the oven!
Traditional Cuban Pizza – Roasted tomato base, sliced gouda and chorizo, Anaheim pepper slices, sprinkle of Italian cheeses and sweet plantains.  A little oregano and cumin coming out of the oven.

Both were excellent, though the Cold Pizza Factor (CPF) on Saturday was a little low due the plantains (IMHO).  Both did re-heat very well stove top in a frying pan!



Friday June 3rd – pizzapix.001

Tonight we had “Peppers 3, Sausage 2” – orange and yellow bell peppers, with a few diced jalepenos, coupled with Andouille and Italian sausage from #Aidell’s, on a fire-roasted tomato base on a #Publix five-grain Italian dough.

p3s2 01

And, a #Boar’sHead Peppered Pepperoni Pizza on a #Publix five-grain Italian dough and the fire-roasted tomato base.

BH pepperedAronu

Of course, both were ‘bammed’ fresh out of the oven with #Penzey’s French Thyme and Mexican Oregano!

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The Blog is “in the oven!”

Just think, this is how Julia Child started out!


Working on the structure of the blog and gathering up content (you wouldn’t believe the number of pizza and Sunday dinner pictures we have!).

We hope to go live in a week, or so.

’til then, eat well, my friends!!